Monday, December 20, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been really busy with schoolwork and other stuff (like trying to start a website and things like that).

So anyway, a few months back I heard that a show I watched, Axis Powers Hetalia had been licensed for release in the US, which I thought previously was absolutely impossible because it was weird and the episodes were five minutes long each. Oh, and the fact that all of the countries of the world are anthropomorphized and get into wacky hijinks and historical in-jokes. Hilarity Ensues.

A little bit after that, I heard that the English dub was on Hulu. Despite having thirty or so of the episodes in their original language (with English subtitles) on my computer, I wanted to check it out because I wanted to see 1.) if I recognized any of the voice actors and 2.) how many of the jokes they changed (the Japanese language having lots of linguistic concepts that tend to be translated differently from localization group to localization group).

When I went to see the first episode, I was greeted with this:

The fuck? Hetalia was somehow not suitable for minors? I mean, yeah, there are some overtones between Italy and Germany, but you'd have to be a regular anime fan to really catch anything and most of the jokes in the entire show would pretty much fly over the heads of anyone not well-versed in history (including the obscure stuff).

Now, keep in mind, the one show I've watched on Hulu happens to be Gurren Lagann, which is accessible to anyone on the site. Now, granted, I think that TVTropes's description of it as a Saturday Morning Cartoon Made by Gainax (the creators of Evangelion...yeeeeeahh) is pretty damn accurate, but on the other hand, the Japanese are apparently perfectly fine with their kids watching a show in which the main female lead basically wears a bikini and has bouncy boobs and the characters all mention tons of innuendo involving drills.

You know, for kids!

But I can see why Gurren Lagann wouldn't be censored. After all, "minor" covers everyone under 18, including teenagers, and teenagers would hardly be phased by that.

However, there is something that is seriously off.

While on my normal wandering of TVTropes, I came across the article for a rather bleak show called Now and Then, Here and There (which happened to air right after Gurren Lagann on TV).

The summary for the show starts with "Not for the faint of heart" and goes downhill from there. Influenced by the events of Rwanda during the genocide taking place there, it involves child soldiers and rape (which befalls one of the main characters at the beginning of the series), and is said by the article to belong right next to Grave of the Fireflies on your shelf. For the uninformed, Grave of the Fireflies is infamous for easily being one of the most depressing and heart-wrenching movies ever to be made in the history of mankind.

Now and Then, Here and There is on Hulu. Upon starting the first episode...

The screen preceding the show's opening credits.

That's right. There isn't a "not suitable for minors" disclaimer. Of all of the FUCKING shows to be on Hulu, this one is apparently fine for everyone. And if you think I'm kidding, here's the link to the video.

In other words, the people running Hulu seem to think that a comedy show about anthropomorphized countries is more harmful to minors than a show where one of the main characters gets repeatedly raped by soldiers.

...yeeeeeah. If you were wondering at any time why I can't stand Hulu, this is why.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they think that gay people are worse than rapists?

Silver the Evil Chao said...

Except that this is the same service that has Glee on it, which has an openly gay character that even gets a musical number with another gay character...

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