Thursday, January 7, 2010


Don't worry, Silver Sucks (and its numerous grammatical errors that I don't feel like editing out at the moment) will come back in a little bit, but I wanted to post an actual post for once.

When I was a kid, my dad made "mix" CDs, or CDs containing a bunch of random tracks from his favorite albums, on his computer that he would send to us and let us listen to. My mom still had these, and when she first started up her laptop, imported all of them to her computer by way of iTunes.

Unfortunately, because of how old the CDs were, they came with the magnificent and creative titles of Track [insert number here]. This made trying to figure out just what the songs were impossible without listening to them first.

A few hours after flying in, I opted to fix that little problem, particularly because I wanted some of the songs, and I hated it when the titles and artists weren't correct or were in a crappy format (for instance, the song GameBox_Frozen_Lavareef_[WIP] was renamed as Frozen Lavareef [WIP] with GameBox as the artist before I ever put it on the iPod). To get the proper title and artist (if I didn't figure both out right away), I would listen to the song until I got a full verse in, which I'd type into the search in and see what would come up.

Using this time-consuming method, I restored the titles, artists, and albums of about 40 songs over the period of a few hours. And then I got sick of it and stopped.

There was the more pressing issue of getting the songs I wanted (even if they were named Track [insert number here]) onto my computer. One of the many reasons on my "Why I hate Apple" list is that, for a pretentious company that seems to preach simplicity (to the point of stupidity in the case of the iMac) in their products, they sure make it FUCKING HARD to put songs from an iPod on your computer. In fact, you can't do it via iTunes. Which is bullshit. Apple says that this is to counter stealing, but I highly, highly doubt it. For one, the vast majority of music stealing is done via downloads on the internet. For two, this STUPID limitation punishes people like me who share music with their family members and pay actual money to get that music in the first place. My dad has what looks like a hundred hard-copy CDs, and he bought all of them.

And by the way, the only reason why I have (or, rather, had - it mysteriously disappeared a month ago. :/) an iPod was because iTunes has the biggest selection of music and, until recently, Apple "protected" music bought from iTunes so that you couldn't play it anywhere else (Windows Media Player and my dad's Xbox 360 both couldn't play songs I purchased off of iTunes), which meant that if you bought it off of iTunes, chances are you could only play it on an iPod. Plus, I didn't know about any other MP3 players (this was back when Apple had a monopoly in this industry).

Anyway, I really wanted some of those songs on my computer. And when there's a will, there's a Google search.

Luckily, I have Windows 7, and Microsoft made it ridiculously easy to allow the viewing of hidden folders this time around. According to an article I found via Google, all iPods have a hidden folder for stored music. In hindsight, this makes sense - that music has to go somewhere on the iPod or else it wouldn't be able to play anything, and I'm damn sure that the iPod has more than nothingness and blank space on it. The music folder, predictably, has all of your music on it, and it all works, at least after I copied and pasted them into my music folder on my computer.

Unfortunately, not only do the majority of the songs have "Track X" as a name (so that's all that shows up in the info the computer has), but the filenames for them on the iPod consist of four random letters. So I had to do the arduous task of listening to each one to figure out if it's one I wanted.

The entire process of listening to the tracks, then naming or putting them on my music folder on my computer was both satisfying (finding a handful of Metallica tunes, a Rammstein song I've never heard before, Smooth by Santana, Flight of Icarus by Iron Maiden) and...dissatisfying (why the hell is there so much Led Zeppelin? *gag*).

So now I have a bunch of songs that I need to restore the names and artists of. Yay. Ya know what, when I go back home, where I literally have internet ANYWHERE on campus, I might just do a few songs at a time or something.


Buck said...

Wow! MASS update blogging! You're right... I was wondering where ya were. But I figgered you were busy helping Mom move and you'd be back. Eventually. And here you are.

Secret message (coz I can't find your e-mail addy anywere): I posted this beneath your two deleted comments on my "more cheerleaders" post...

Ya should have left your comments up, Silver. I read 'em in e-mail, anyway. So... my issue doesn't mean to take anything away from the bands, it's more a proportion issue: less band, more women. Give us an equal amount... at the very least.

Just sayin'. ;-)

dick said...

Glad ya made it back safe, Princess.

pdb said...

(why the hell is there so much Led Zeppelin? *gag*).


You and your mom make me very sad.

Silver the Evil Chao said...

My problem with Led Zeppelin is that the number of references to his penis or having sex borders on parody.

pdb said...

That's not true. He also sings about hobbits and vikings.

Anonymous said...
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dick said...

Oh look, Russian spam. How nice.

Silver the Evil Chao said...

Yeah, I know. Taking advantage of the fact that I've been busy as hell lately. >:[

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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