Saturday, October 31, 2009

Today's football game

Today, we had our second-to-last football game. I'm still sick, but since I felt so much better yesterday, combined with my obligation to go and not leave a hole in every single formation, I went anyway.

Baaaad idea.

Just walking in the cold to the Hughes to drop my stuff off before breakfast made things so much worse - and this was WITH the medicine.

I felt like shit. And our rehearsal didn't make things better - things that made me out of breath when I was healthy have me wheezing while I'm sick. I was so hot and sweaty after rehearsal that when we went outside to play for the team, I just wore a sweater instead of an actual jacket. When lunch rolled around, I had next-to-no-appetite.

Not to mention, I had another clarinet player comment about how pale I was.

I still played, though, thank you very much. Pre-game, halftime, the whole she-bang. Speaking of halftime, we finally got to play our new show.

We were up against Cal-Poly. They're from California. Apparently, they're 19th in the division.

Also, we kicked their asses. 31-17. Most of that was obtained in the third quarter.

Here are some random pics I got. Sorry if they're a little blurry, my hands were shaky.

Random football players on the field after a play. The green ones are UND's.

My marching band director. This is the first time he's actually taken the podium for playing in the stands all year; usually, one of the drum majors (depending on the quarter) conducts us while we're in the stands.

And again. Hey, I was bored. He's watching the players on the field so he knows when we can and can't perform. When the play's over, depending on the length of the break (which can be predicted by how it ends, like if a flag is called, etc), we perform. We usually have a "long" song (for time-outs and the like) and a "short" song (for between normal plays, far more commonly performed) queued up ahead of time; this is communicated when we finish songs via hand signals. For example, Frankenstein is up next when both arms are stiffly straight out.


Christina LMT said...

Sorry you're still feeling so sick, Silver. I hope you feel better ASAP. Maybe you should have stayed home in bed. Just sayin'...

So no dry erase board, like Mr. Woody? LOL!

Buck said...

I can tell Saturday t'weren't no fun. Take care of yourself!