Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Three Things:

1.) Even though I'm in an Honors class in a public college, I'm not a rabid liberal. So don't come in and promote your anti-global warming organization. Seriously. I'm all for new technologies and new, better ways for doing things, but not for such political and biased reasons, and definitely not by destroying the livelihoods of others and driving costs through the roof. Just stop it.

2.) I'm really, really tempted to look into the Disney full-time paid internship that goes on for a semester, but that means a semester without band (as I wouldn't be at my college during this, I'd be somewhere else), and I'm not so willing to give that up.

3.) There are two topics on the Twilight Sucks forums about shitty "anime" (only calling it that because they were based off of actual anime series) that was spawned from studios in early 1990s for U.S. audiences. Thankfully, they never, ever, ever got aired. EVER. They were that bad.

So, being the sadistic bitch I am, I'm going to post two delightful videos.

What I like to call "D00zy b0tz", is an aberration vaguely, and I mean vaguely, based off of the old-school Gundam series.

How they got a bunch of stereotyped kids comically fighting evil robots from a dark anime series about war (the director wasn't nicknamed "Kill 'em all" for nothing) that helped spawn the "real robot" subgenre of humongous mecha, I have no idea. Also, you felt your soul dying when they mentioned "comedy" in the first two seconds or so, am I right?

It gets worse.

This one is personal, because it raped my childhood. And Mom's younger adulthood.

...yeah. Apparently, there was a fight between Saban (who made this abomination) and DiC (who made the bad-in-hindsight English dub) about the rights to Sailor Moon (of which the Japanese anime existed before this piece of shit was made). Obviously, Saban's version was so utterly bad that the original company handed it over to DiC. I can't watch it or even type this about it without spontaneously bursting into fits of laughing and crying at the same time. I'm dead serious, by the time I finish typing this, I'm going to have a six-pack. Of abs.


Christina LMT said...

A six-pack?! OF BEER?! LOL...that truly was an abomination, Silver. UGH. Thank goodness that that "SailorMoon" barf-fest never saw the light of day.

Hey, you know something? Band is not going away. You can do the internship and come back, and the band will be waiting for you!
Think about it.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't finish watching the "DoozyBots" thing. Too, too painful.

Oh, and it's also obvious to all who know you that you're NOT a liberal...don't worry!

Buck said...

Even though I'm in an Honors class in a public college, I'm not a rabid liberal.

Heh. I predict you will have TONS of interesting blog-fodder over the course of the next four years. And I'll be here to read it all. Happy Hunting! :p

Silver the Evil Chao said...

As I learned tonight with the presentation, Mom, I have more problems with money, medical accommodations, and the possibility of graduating a semester later than I do with missing a few hockey games and a concert. Since it will be available in the following years to come, I think I'll wait till I can A.) afford it and B.) I can work it around my academic schedule.

Haha, thanks, Buck. xD I hope it doesn't get too ugly.