Thursday, October 1, 2009

Minneapolis Day 2 and Some Major Catching Up

So, second day in Minneapolis. Found that my DS's alarm went off, but I couldn't hear it because my sound was off. Luckily, I was waking up every thirty minutes, so I didn't oversleep. After taking a shower, eating breakfast, and packing up my stuff, I got on the bus with everyone else so we could go to two of the museums on campus.

Our bus stopped at the art museum, which looked like a really twisted metal building that defied the laws of architecture and physics. I didn't get a picture of it, sorry. Didn't think of it at the time.

Our other choice was the natural history museum, which I was far more interested in. Unfortunately, University of Minnesota's campus is HUGE. We got lost on the way to the Natural History Museum. While we were on our way there, this HUGE squirrel ran past us. I thought it was a cat at first, it was so big. Unfortunately, since my cameraphone has no zoom, I couldn't get close enough to take a decent picture of it before it ran off.

We found out that the Natural History Museum would open in another half an hour or so right after we got there. To top it off, it started drizzling a little bit - bad news for my DS and my purse. While we were sitting there, I got my Gallade, Kenshin, up a level or so.

When it finally opened, I went around reading and looking at everything. All of the taxidermies (is that what it is?) were obtained in the late 1800s to early 1900s, as pointed out in some of the text that stated that it doesn't happen in the wild as originally thought (two stuffed female bears together with their cubs, for instance). What especially stuck in mind was the golden eagle. I wonder why that's not America's mascot, it's really big and pretty.

There was also an exhibit going on about the national parks. Very fascinating, and it was very cool that I recognized the parks I've been to (Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce, which is my favorite).

Since we had to get back in time to catch the bus, I left, luckily after I had seen everything. We didn't get lost this time, thankfully.

We headed home after that. I actually slept most of the way, and, after lunch, someone popped in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And then I slept some more. On the last leg of our journey, I watched more Evangelion and made it to the end of episode 20 before we got back. And I totally died when I got home.

While I was gone, it seems that the weather gods decided that it was now fall and they decided to make everything a hell of a lot colder. The temperatures were way lower now - as a matter of fact, Monday's low was 33 degrees F. I found myself always wearing my jacket now.

Monday was only notable in that we started learning drill for our NEW show. Yes, we actually learn more than one show over the course of the season. This show in total has 31 pages. It was also very windy. We're talking twenty-to-thirty miles-per-hour winds here.

Oh, it was also notable because I had another computer lab...which I of course finished long before my time was up.

Tuesday, the usual. University Band was of course awesome. Since I had time, I wanted to check out another Studio Gainax (they made Evangelion) anime, a totally insane one called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. GIANT ROBOTS WITH DRILLS AND POINTY MANLY SUNGLASSES. It's basically "insane" and "epic" turned up to 20. I got to watch the first episode on Youtube in Japanese, but the rest I can't watch due to crappy U.S. copyright laws. Once I have more money, I'll gladly go buy the first set. Crazy shit. And Kamina's drool-worthy anyway. Here's the opening to the first season:

Guy without a shirt? With the sword and cape? That's Kamina.

Wednesday was cold and windy. In band, we learned more drill, got all of it in for the first song. And then we had the awesomeness that was anime club. Since the person with Black Lagoon wasn't around yet, we watched the other anime first. Pretear is actually kinda nice to watch now, and Peacemaker had noticeably less southern "Kansai" accent in it (thank Samus). When we got to Black Lagoon...just, holy crap. There is a very good reason why this series has its own Crowning Moment of Awesome page on TVTropes (and an entry on the Badass page).

Let these two videos explain exactly why this series is awesome (English voices, we watched it in Japanese in club):

...yeah, Black Lagoon is freaking awesome. Oh yeah, and according to this video:

They like to say "fuck" a LOT in the English dub. Keep in mind that the main chick, Revy, is voiced by the same person who voices Dawn in Poke'mon.

Yesterday, which was Thursday, was really, really rainy. Unfortunately, I found that my jacket isn't very waterproof - something I learned as I walked back from the local pharmacy. University Band was awesome as always. We actually received our program for the concert today - and my name was in it. I took pictures, but I haven't had time to blur out my last name or the names of anyone else, so here's the front cover:


Today, I actually had no Space Studies, which gave me about an extra 45 mins of free time. Band today was in the Alerus Center, our indoor football stadium:

Not even the University of Minnesota has an indoor stadium! Ours has a capacity of around 12,000.

The whole "lens flare" thing because of my inferior camera really makes the inside look cool. Well, cooler than it already is.

Surprisingly, their turf isn't squishy like at Sam Boyd Stadium in Vegas. It's soft enough to nullify the jolting effect of my heels hitting the ground, though. I also found out that pregame is going to totally exhaust me - we have to high-run onto the field, which is not good for someone who is an asthmatic. And then play right after that. Good luck with that one.

The alumni will be performing with us during part of halftime. Did I mention that tomorrow's game is Homecoming?

Speaking of band stuff, I got my hockey jersey today.

Don't ya just love corporate sponsorship?

This picture I took with my actual camera, since I found the USB cord for it earlier today. Still blurry, though. Damn unsteady hands.

Oh yeah, I also got an e-mail from my band director containing a link to pictures from Texas Tech.


Christina LMT said...

Nice post, Silver!

I love the jersey, and the stadium...I could do without the anime, though! :P

Hey, send me a program, will ya?!

I'm proud of you, my dear!

Buck said...

The hockey sweater is MOST cool. Wear it with pride!

Silver the Evil Chao said...

Mom: The anime is awesome. I will never stop posting about that kind of stuff!!! MUAHAHAAAA!

Buck: Thank you! ^.^;; I like it, too - it not only looks cool, but is comfortable. Plus, it might be a collector's item in the upcoming future, what with the logo debate and all. :/