Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last several days: Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday wasn't really strange, either. Since the Wind Ensemble was on tour, we had a sub for University Band; had we had more than two rehearsals a week, he would've canceled it. The sub was a real trooper, considering how complex the music is in terms of tempo and time.

Tuesday was NOT normal in one way: I got to go winter-clothes-shopping-lite. A girl who plays the Trumpet, eternally named Trumpet Chick from now on, offered to help me out, since she has a car and is made of awesome. After she dropped me off at my dorm with her number and a reassurance that she'll be available an hour from then, I went to dinner and ate, then came back, did my laundry, and got picked up. So we went to the nearest Payless, for the main reason that the upcoming band concert was in two days and I found out that I no longer had my awesome knee-high formal boots that saved me from having to wear that evil panty-hose. Since Payless was where I got such boots in the first place, we went there to get replacements. This particular store was in the Columbia Mall, a local mall (obviously), with a really nice, warm exterior. I'm used to malls having tons of skylights, but this one was just warm and nice - it reminded me of somewhere pleasant that I just couldn't put my finger on. No pics, though, sorry.

Luckily, within a few minutes, I found an awesome pair of black, knee-high formal boots with a heel that wasn't smaller than my thumb for once. Shopping here also had the bonus of stocking winter boots (in the men's section) that I could wear. The ones I got had the nifty features of being waterproof and protecting my footsies up to -22 degrees F.

And then we went to Wal-Mart. I got new regular shoes (since my old ones were really, really worn out after all of those hours of walking and marching), warm mittens that actually protected my hands, long underwear (four pairs!), undershirts (also four), and a Poke'mon card booster pack (of course).

Let's just say that I was really, really happy.

Yesterday, we were supposed to be outside for marching band. The persistent sleet prevented that, despite the fact that on Saturday, my band director said that we'd be outside, rain or shine. So we just practiced music. Judging by my "warm-up", I have all of the music for our show memorized. The problem with our music rehearsal was that it pretty much meant that we could kiss the idea of playing the new show next Saturday good-bye. We'll be playing the normal show on Saturday.

Anime club was awesome, as usual. We voted for the anime for next semester (they didn't vote for Full Metal Panic!, those bastards). Basically, the next two animes we'll be watching involve steampunk planes and making fun of space operas.

As I came outside to catch the night shuttle, I found that freaking snow, which had persisted throughout the day, was sticking. TWO WEEKS INTO OCTOBER AND WE HAVE STICKING SNOW, PEOPLE. It was equivalent to snow that Mom and I got in Las Vegas last December.

...and then I came home and crashed. Again.


Christina LMT said...

YAY for winter clothes! w00t!
I'm so relieved.

Sticking snow? I repeat: BRRRRRR!

memory_lucky12 said...

Panty-hose aren't so bad. They're comfortable! I kinda like tights better though...

That's amazing! You're getting a taste of midwestern winters!

And your band director said rain or shine - it was sleet, so THAT'S why you got to stay inside!