Thursday, October 15, 2009

The last several days: Saturday

Saturday was very eventful.

First off, G.I. Jane wasn't around because she was at her uncle's. Which left me alone.

Second, I WANTED to go eat breakfast, but there was a small problem:

My wallet was missing. And with it, my ID. Which I had to use to get my food at a dining center.

This sucked, because I was going to go march. Marching uses up a lot of energy in your body. Marching on an empty stomach sucks.

Because of this, I was noticeably lethargic and grumpier. The last place I remembered seeing my wallet was at the game the night before, which I obviously used to get some ice cream. This led to Gun Chick and the assistant director reassuring me that someone probably found it at the Ralph and turned it into the lost and found there. Because this is North Dakota, and people don't keep wallets when they find them.

To top it off, I didn't bring my backpack with me on the bus, which had my jackets in there. This apparently wasn't good, because we had to go outside and play for the team, and, later, the tailgaters. And it was cold outside.

I didn't have any problems aside from my hands, though (there's nothing you can do about that). Marching and playing, even if it's only in a parade formation, keeps me plenty warm underneath my marching jacket.

Pregame went well. This time, someone sang the national anthem, and was actually pretty good at it. For some reason, guy singers tend to refrain from imitating Celine Dion.

It was us against the Wolves from Stony Brook. We played half-time, again, our normal show. There were cameramen on the field, on the sidelines, at least. Remember that video with us in it? That was taken at that half-time. I'm in the very front during the beginning of the first song.

At the end of the game, I really had to scramble to get home, take a shower, and get into my hockey uniform. I left fifteen minutes late, but I only had to walk to the Ralph, so I was fine.

Something really funny and/or bizarre on the way there. On the way back from the game, it was snowing on-and-off. When I left, it wasn't snowing.

Halfway there, I noticed little flakes hitting me AGAIN. God, even my band director says the snow is early. Out of sheer blind luck, the iPod I was listening to, out of 115 or so other songs on the playlist, chose the Pretear opening thene. Which starts out as:

(translated into English)
I'll be reborn as a new me in this sky that spreads into the endless future
I'll show you the snow of happiness falling all over the world

C'mon, that has to be more than a coincidence.

(and as I'm typing about this, iTunes happens to choose this song out of the playlist and play it. This song is possessed or something.)

I went to the lost-and-found for the Ralph and found that my wallet was there, entirely intact. Thank goodness. I celebrated the occasion by getting more ice cream.

We were up against Merrimack again, but didn't do as well. We still won, though.

After that, I went home and crashed.


Christina LMT said...

Snow? Man, I'm glad it's not me there...;)

I'm happy you're having so much fun, Silver.

dick said...

Honest kids up there. That's a beautiful thing.

memory_lucky12 said...

Wow! Someone here (from where I live) would've taken it...