Thursday, October 15, 2009

The last several days: Friday

Friday was a strange day. I woke up with a piercing headache, but attributed that to lack of food (I ran out of cereal, but I can't work my extremely tight morning schedule to great breakfast at Memorial). I had a sudden burst of inspiration in Computer Science while taking notes, and coded the prototype version of a program that would allow me to choose a Poke'mon team at random (which was later altered and fixed thanks to TD of Unforgiving Minute - thanks bunches!). Space Studies was normal, I really, really wanted to go to lunch.

Ate a huge lunch, switched my stuff out at home, literally ran into Pre-Calc one minute before I was supposed to be there. More trigonometry. I started having problems, though. My mind was fuzzy, and I felt tired, but not "ate a lot of food" tired. I felt like I had the "sinuses are clogged" tired. It was coming to the point where I couldn't concentrate any more and decided right then and there that I'd rather go home than sit through Honors and try to keep up with discussion with my fuzzy head.

So I went home after finishing my quiz, got into a nightgown, and proceeded to take a four-hour nap (since we had rehearsal on Thursday, there wasn't any on Friday), which is pretty strange since I haven't taken any kind of naps since Band Camp in August.

I woke up at 4:30ish, feeling much better, but still not at 100% (more like 85%). Nevertheless, hockey band awaited me, and I couldn't sign myself off of the list at this point unless it was an emergency.

Before the game, I took an opportunity to get some ice cream at one of the TCBYs at the stadium. Miiint. I love it.

What's that about it being blurry? I was taking it with one hand, and it's a heavy camera! Sheesh!

We were up against Merrimack this time, whose asses we thoroughly kicked. It was something like 5-2. A great game.

By the way, I have pictures:

As you can see, it's 64 minutes and 54 seconds until the game starts. Hence why the bright lights aren't on yet. Also, the screen is showing the Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees baseball game. Since North Dakota doesn't have a team, and since the Minnesota sports teams tend to have UND alumni (one of them is in the Minnesota Vikings, and, no, it's not that asshole Favre), they worship the Twins and Vikings. Imagine their dismay when they found out in the middle of the hockey game that the Twins lost. People here, even in band, regularly talk about sports. The people here are really sports-crazy. Also, sorry about the blurryness, my hands aren't the steadiest.

This pic, thankfully, isn't blurry. See all those seats? Pretty much all of those will be full by the end of the first period, at the latest.

Aaaand this one is blurry, AGAIN. The person in the image is one of the saxophone players. He's cool.

This is the side opposite from us. The entrances nearest the ice are where the hockey players come out. The one nearest the center is where our team comes out.

More seats up above. The same sax player is in the pic, and to the right is GunChick, another clarinet player, moving out of the way quickly after realizing that I was trying to take a picture.

Banners with UND's many titles, specifically their WCHA titles.

The players out and practicing on the ice.


Christina LMT said...

I hope you feel better, Honey! Nice pictures, btw.

Buck said...

I SO envy you the hockey, Silver!!!