Thursday, October 8, 2009

I thought it couldn't get colder...

I was wrong.

More on that later.

Today in Pre-Calc, I had a stunning revelation: I actually like trigonometry. Somehow. I totally despised it last year, yet I actually find myself enjoying it now.

I'm already starting to get famous at the Terrace Dining Center. The staff are starting to refer to me as the "Swiss Burger Girl" now; I guess I'm named as such because I order a cheeseburger with swiss every single day. I always have a salad with it, though! And a bowl of fruit, too! Honest! And their burgers aren't even really greasy, either - best damn burgers I've had in years.

University band was great, as always. Our concert is a week from today. Apparently, one of the patrons who comes to every last concert (and thus always gets free complimentary tickets), is looking forward to The Firebird. No pressure!

Because we were able to secure the Memorial Stadium (the outdoor football field that the games were played out until the Alerus Center opened in 2001), we had rehearsal today rather than tomorrow. This not only meant that I didn't have rehearsal tomorrow, but that I also had to go to dinner straight after University Band, right before going to Marching Band.

Luckily, this meant that I got to go to the special Native American dinner that was going on during the dinner hours.

Damn. Good. Food.

Plate on the top left has a breadish thing whose name I can't remember at the moment; also on the plate is a hot, yummy raspberry sauce with whole raspberries in it...I think. They looked like raspberries.

Plate on the top right had several things. Clockwise from top: A medley of rice, corn, and other grains, really yummy; baked acorn squash, also really good, not to mention filling; and buffalo bison stew, which was really good. Bison tastes like beef, but is thicker and chewier, in other words, denser; and real, homemade (like everything else here, it was made by local Native American tribes) mashed potatoes.

Plate on the bottom is a slice of the best damn pumpkin pie I've ever had.

And a glass of iced tea and a glass of water.

Great, great food.

While I was eating, I was reading Monster Hunter International and found what had to have been a Sluggy Freelance reference.

He had a stubby Russian Krinkov slung from his chest, and apparently his team's logo was a mini-lop bunny armed with a switchblade.

Epic win.

To prepare for marching band, I brought my normal gloves (for when we were NOT marching with our instruments) and my marching gloves (because I play the one instrument that has holes instead of keys, and the cloth from the gloves would jam up the keys around the holes), and wore two coats.

After a pain-in-the-ass portion where I ended up going to the wrong entrance of the stadium (because no one said ANYTHING about which entrance to go to, and I wasn't the only person arriving a little late because of it; I only found out because I texted a Drum Major, asking where everyone was), we learned the rest of our new show drill-wise.

Everything was nice and fine until we actually practiced with our instruments. I soon found that no matter what I did, I was essentially screwed when it came to playing in the cold, because when that sun sunk far enough, it got cold. It was the first time ever that my bare fingertips stuck to the metal keys of my instrument. I might as well have not worn gloves; by the time we did a run of Pregame and Halftime, my fingers were stiff and halfway numb, despite the fact that I was indeed wearing my marching gloves. This did not bode well for what we had to do after the rehearsal.

A while before our rehearsal started, an event was going on for Potato Bowl at a local park, the french-fry feed. After we finished rehearsing for an hour, everyone came from that french-fry feed to the Memorial Stadium for the annual Potato Bowl celebration.

People we had to play for. These guys are freaking dedicated to be willing to sit on metal bleachers in thirty fucking degrees to watch us play.

If you squint, you can see 150 people!

It was torture. There is nothing more frustrating to me than trying to will the fingers on my right hand to move, dammit! and finding that my pinky can't even stretch far enough to completely press the keys down. Sure, this happened yesterday, but we weren't performing in front of people. I played the best I could, but I could barely hit my high and low notes due to the nearly nonexistent response of my far colder right hand (on a clarinet, left hand plays the top half and lower left keys, right hand plays the bottom half and upper and lower right keys).

Oh yeah, did I mention that one of the sax players said that there's going to be an inch of snow before Saturday?

Afterwards, the football came on and said a few words, and then there was the surprisingly impressive fireworks show. Guess who paid for the fireworks? Rydell. The same people who lent us "our" marching band truck for free, the same people I played for a while back. They must sponsor all of the local events, it seems. One of the other clarinet players, Gun Chick, guesstimated that the cost of the fireworks was around $20k. No wonder people like them.

While the fireworks show was going, I was taking pictures. I got pretty good at it once I was able to compensate for the pause between me pressing the button and the camera actually taking the picture, and the pause between hearing the sound of the fireworks being launched in the air before blowing up.

I obviously took this one near the end of the show.

This one, too.

After that, I walked back to my dorm with Gun Chick so I could show her what little "winter" gear I had, because she offered to help me out and take me shopping on Sunday for winter gear, so she could know what I needed.

A side note: this clarinet player is named Gun Chick because she uses and knows how to fire guns. She has her own set of "earmuffs" (yeah, right, they look like oversized headphones) that she wears at the shooting range. She's also heard of Monster Hunter International. I was so damn shocked today to find out that she'd actually heard about it (because I SWEAR, even here, no one knows what the hell I talk about unless it's band or class).

Maaaan, it's only October. This is December weather, Las-Vegas-wise.

Now it's time for your obligatory random video.

In my opinion, however, the Persona 4 version (which has major game spoilers) is superior:

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Christina LMT said...

Nice pics!

The food looks especially yummy...mmmmm.

Oh, I got some advice from a friend about the fingers-sticking-to-the-keys thing: glycerin. Apply a bit of glycerin to the clarinet, and your fingers will not freeze to it!

Love you, Hon! Chin up, it'll get colder, but then you have SPRING to look forward to...