Friday, October 23, 2009


What is this? What the HELL is this?

This just happened a few minutes ago, too. The sucker won't stay on when I type anymore. It appears that the metal clasps are still there...but when I put it back, it's stiffer than the other keys and pops off again after a few presses (and I type fast, too).

I'm seriously about to cry. The "A" key is very important. And I use my computer to take notes in my two most important non-band classes.

This just isn't fair. I NEED this computer. I'm registering for my classes online on the 3rd! My Python programs for Computer Science are on here! It's how I communicate with my mom! It's where I get my notes for Space Studies!! I also wanted to type up a paper about NASA's Constellation program, too!

What do I do, almighty computer people? I need this computer to work properly! *sniff*


Christina LMT said...

Oh, NOES! The evil keyboard imp has damaged your "a" key, whatever shall we do?!


I already know you're gonna get it fixed, $5 is a good price.

Silver the Evil Chao said...

HEY, it was one in the morning when I typed up and made that post, ok?! :P

Buck said...

I'm glad ya got that fixed, and cheap, too.