Sunday, October 25, 2009


While I was in the bathroom, I overheard a girl mention that her throat has been scratchy. Which means the sickness has possibly hit our dorm now.

According to G.I. Jane, the deans of the school are discussing the possibility of shutting school down for a few days.

This would be very, very bad. More than one day would affect both band classes, both of which have very limited rehearsal time.

Say that school was cancelled on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.
We'd be set back a day in Computer Science. We'd be set back a day in Space Studies, a class in which we just got back on schedule for. Pre-calc, unless it's Wednesday, would be set back a day, in a class that looks to be as if we'll be going through new material up to the last class before finals; being set back a day would ensure us being unable to finish all of the material, which is very, very bad, considering that the Computer Science major requires both Calculus I and Calculus II. Honors would be set a day back, but that isn't too bad. If it's a Monday, Computer Science lab would be set a day back, but this also isn't too bad, since the assignments are put up online and we could just do them and submit them at home, which is only a bad thing in that I can't ask for help if I seriously get stuck (BTW, I got 100% on the latest lab test. Do I rock, or what?!).

The worst would be Marching Band. We've already lost a rehearsal last Friday. The next football game is on Saturday, and we're scheduled to do our new show, which is NOT even CLOSE to 100% yet. Furthermore, as the days get shorter, so do our rehearsals - we can't march on a field without any lights, and "our" practice field has no lights. We need our full rehearsals, because we'll also be playing our new show at Extravabandza in early December. Losing one rehearsal or more would ensure our director cutting the marching for the last portion of the show, and having us stand and play the last part of Karn-Evil 9. Which sucks. It's wussy and lame to do that. We can't get those rehearsals back, either, because football and hockey games are on the weekends, so we can't have Saturday and Sunday (a HUGE no-no here - even the Wal-Mart isn't open 24/7 on Sunday) rehearsals.

Say that school was cancelled on a Tuesday or Thursday.
Pre-calc has already been mentioned, but the damage will be even worse if the cancelled days were a Tuesday/Thursday AND a Monday/Friday - that's two 50-minute classes, gone, poof.

What would really be bad would be University Band. We only meet twice a week. If one rehearsal is gone, we go from, say, eight rehearsals before the next concert to seven. An hour and a half of fixing things and getting the balance right, gone. If we missed TWO rehearsals...I shudder to even think about it.

Now, about the possible solution to this - if they cut two days out of Thanksgiving, there will be no problems (though people will be pissed off about it), but if they change our winter break, I'm screwed. I already bought the plane tickets for my visit back home in Las Vegas during winter break at least a month ago, with very specific dates, and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to get refunded for them.

Bad, bad, bad, I hope it doesn't come to that. If I get sick, at least the band classes can continue and make progress - I already know all my music for Marching Band anyway, as well as the drill, and University Band is just fixing things with our performance, little of it affecting the 3rd clarinets.

Please don't ruin our schedules...


Christina LMT said...

Wow, Silver. That's pretty hardcore of you, to prefer YOU getting sick to classes being canceled altogether. I hope neither of these scenarios occur. And I agree about winter break, it would absolutely suck if they changed the dates.

Stay healthy!

Silver the Evil Chao said...

I'm not hardcore, just realistic. I'm only one person in a group of 120 (Marching Band) or 70 (University Band) - if I get sick, there'll still be people to replace me (after all, I'm hardly the only first or third clarinet player), and the rehearsals will still go on. Better scenario than the rehearsals getting canceled altogether.