Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flu Attacks UND!

For the past month or so, the students and faculty of UND have been attacked by the flu, of both the normal and H1N1 varieties. I never mentioned this in part because I didn't want to worry Mom, but also in part because it wasn't relevant.

It is now.

On Tuesday, we literally had a third of the University Band missing for rehearsal. Something along the lines of 25 people missing for a class of 70 people. My band director for U-Band said that he was afraid to check his e-mail, because every time he did, he'd have more messages from people calling in sick.

Yesterday, we had a sizable amount of people missing in the Marching Band. We had one alto sax on the field. There were holes everywhere - and let me tell you, it is really freaking hard to "dress" (read: adjust your position so that you fit perfectly in the formation) the formations if there are holes.

Today, we still had a decent amount of people missing in U-Band, but not as many as Tuesday ("Anything is better than last time!", my director said). But later on in the day, I got an e-mail saying that tomorrow's marching band rehearsal had been cancelled; while it wasn't the only factor, one of the factors was that a whole bunch of people were sick. And G.I. Jane got an e-mail tonight that said that P.T. was cancelled for tomorrow, which sucks because she had a physical assessment on Monday.

And during the entire week, I've overheard people talking about how their classes have been cancelled because too many people called in sick, or because the teacher called in sick.

I think I'm safe for now, because, unlike the other dorms, we only have around thirty people or so - a very small pool of individuals, unlike the other, massive dorms with hundreds. The Dining Centers have been putting up little papers everywhere on the tables about the sick lunches (including two sets specifically made for those with the flu, one that is fluid-based and one that is more solid-based).

On a slightly related note (related in that it's about school), I met with my adviser today to talk about Spring Semester; since I'm in Honors, I get to have early registration, so I get to sign up for my classes on the 3rd of November instead of around Thanksgiving. Right now, I'm looking at Computer Science II and minoring in Space Studies. Having a minor in Space Studies allows you to take kickass classes like "Life Support Systems". Plus, it just sounds really cool to say, at the beginning of next year during band camp, "Yeah, I'm majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Space Studies".

I also found out that, for some reason, my AP test scores never made it to UND, which really pisses me off. There's NO WAY IN HELL that I'm taking English again, not after spending half of my English classes on writing essays about "What meaning does Author X convey using Rhetorical Strategy Y in Work Z?". NO FREAKING WAY. ...luckily, Mom had the transcript that was mailed to me from the AP people in July, made a copy, and mailed it off to UND. Take THAT!

I also, also found out that I have two academic advisers. I have one for Honors, who I already knew about and made my fall schedule with, and one for Computer Science, who I've never met because he's not one of the advisers present during freshman orientation.

As for the briefly-mentioned Disney paid internship...there's some problems with that. First off, paying for the plane tickets. Then, medical things - where would I get my allergy shot every two weeks? Where would I get my medications? And then, the fact that I'm making money means that I would get less on my FAFSA for 2011. AND, the co-op credit you get for it only covers the elective requirement - so I'd essentially be missing an entire semester's worth of classes, which means that I'd have to graduate a semester later. Furthermore, my elective requirement is covered by stuff in Computer Science, fun stuff like classes focused on making A.I. and working with physics engines used in video games. FYI, Band covers Arts and Humanities, IIRC.

Geez, things are really starting to pick up. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that I won't get the flu - that's the LAST thing I need right now!


Christina LMT said...

You need to get your flu shot, ASAP. Next time you're at the clinic, ask if you can get one. Or find out if they have any vaccine available on base. DON'T get the stupid H1N1 shot, I think it's worthless now and they didn't have time to test it thoroughly enough, as far as I'm concerned.

Buck said...

...and minoring in Space Studies.

Hey! I MAJORED in "Space Studies," back in the day! Err... wait. That was a different sort of Space. Never mind...

Stay healthy. Wash your hands a LOT.

Anonymous said...

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