Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And now it begins...

It was really freaking cold today. Unfortunately, I had to march in it. My hands were collective frozen icicles.

To make it worse, this means I have to get winter gear. Somehow. Without a car or anything. Wonderful.

I think I'll go to the nearby thrift store. Yay.

Also, the forecast for Saturday is so bad that every last band, including our own, has pulled out of the Potato Bowl parade. Apparently, highs in the low 30s and snow.



dick said...

That's insane, but hey, it'll build character.
Or at least that's the party line I'm gonna toss out.

Buck said...

Heh. As a NoDak survivor I can only say "just wait." You'll be OK, Silver. Really. But you WILL have some great war stories for later on in life. (insert smiley-thingie here)

Christina LMT said...

Silver...take the BUS to the WalMart.

You don't want to buy used boots or thermal underwear, so the thrift store is out as far as those items are concerned.

I KNOW (and you know) that there is a bus that runs to the mall. Not to mention you can always take a taxi, since you get the student discount.


Silver the Evil Chao said...

Dick: Just like how marching in full uniform in 90 degrees builds character, right?

Jim: Holy crap, that looks like Alaska. Shiiiiit.

Mom: I'm worried about getting a huge-ass trenchcoat or something that isn't unbelievably expensive. I'm probably going to end up heading to Wal-Mart.