Friday, September 11, 2009

Yesterday's stuff

Yesterday was uneventful, as always. I only had two classes yet again.

I DID, however, have an assignment from Computer Science Lab...despite the fact that we didn't have any computer science lab this week. I conveniently found this out the day before it was due. Basically, I had to create a program in Python that could calculate someone's grade for five assignments when the grades and name of the person are inputted by the use. I really enjoyed coming up with how to code it and and debugging it.

After University Band, I did some heavy-duty taking care of business. The verification of my identity for my Pride card so I can use the left over financial aid money? Done - I went to the library and scanned both sides of the card, saved it on their computer, uploaded it to the company's website, e-mailed it to myself as an attachment, and promptly deleted it (as in, sending it to the Recycle Bin and THEN hitting "delete").

Being charged $40 for my immunotherapy visits at the on-campus clinic? Took care of that, too - I called Tricare, and they said that I shouldn't be being billed.

Co-pay on my meds increasing? According to the guys at Tricare, that's normal.

And except for the scanning, I did all of this while doing my laundry.

My wireless mouse came in today. It is freaking awesome! It's made by the same company that made the optical mouse I was using before I switched.

In Okami, I kicked Orochi's ass and got the Tsumugari. Yay for giant sword!


memory_lucky12 said...

Silver. You like to blog a lot!

Well your life sounds okay! It sounds grand!

Me? I'm just glad it's the weekend AND I have a birthday party/sleepover to go to tomorrow. YAY!

Christina LMT said...

Good going, Silver!