Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Well, shit.

My new headphones broke today. I was on my way to the bus from Space Studies, when the cord caught on something and snapped. Wonderful.

In band, the president of the college and his wife came to thank us for our performance at Texas Tech. It was pretty cool!

And then we had hockey sign-ups. It made me late for my ACM (a student organization for programmers) meeting. I got there when they ended it, basically, but I got to hang out at their office for a while and talk to a few of the guys there. I'm pretty much the only girl in that club...

It was awesome being able to talk about video games and such and have people actually know what you're talking about! I had to leave at 7 to go to Anime Club, though, which was thankfully in the same building. As usual, it was fun as always - people were making hilarious snarky comments and such, too.

We watch three anime series, one of which is Pretear, which is a series in the magical girl genre created by the same person who came up with Sailor Moon. And it's just as, if not MORE, ridiculous than Sailor Moon. Actually, scratch that, it's more over-the-top ridiculous than Sailor Moon could ever hope to be. Lemme put it this way: hot guys (okay, four hot guys and three kids) who fuse their souls with that of the heroine to become outfits with magical powers. No lie. And it's just as suggestive as it sounds - the anime has all sorts of the English dub. IN THE ENGLISH DUB. THE DUB WHERE THINGS LIKE THAT USUALLY GET CUT OUT. Oddly, there was also cussing, too.

Of course, pretty much every anime is based on a manga, and Pretear is no exception. And it seems that this poor author, Jun'ichi Sato, is cursed or something when it comes to anime adapations of her series, because just like with Sailor Moon, the Pretear manga is totally different than the show.

The manga and the show differ even more than that between the Sailor Moon manga and its respective show. The only way the Sailor Moon anime could be as different as its source material as the Pretear anime is from its original manga is if the creators of the anime replaced a few of the Sailor Scouts with different characters. I'm not even kidding. This one really, horribly effeminate character, whose true gender I couldn't even identify until his voice popped out of his mouth, wasn't even in the manga to begin with; his design was entirely different, with an entirely different personality. Only his power was the same.

Let's see - in Pretear anime, a la Sailor Moon, the main character fights monsters to save the world. In the manga, not at all. Instead, the creatures who created monsters in the anime instead take advantage of people's dark feelings and possess them because of them in the manga. And the innuendo? Non-existant in the manga. The characters are deeper in the manga, the love interest is far less of a Mamoru Chiba (you might know him as Darien) clone in the manga, and-- ya know what, let me just shorten this. EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ANIME IS DIFFERENT FROM THE MANGA EXCEPT FOR THE CHARACTERS. Furthermore, the manga is superior in every way, shape, and form to the anime. The heroine in the manga is even more kickass, who, instead of being ditzy like Usagi (again, you might know her as Serena) in Sailor Moon, knows martial arts in her normal life. She literally punches her soon-to-be-love-interest in the face the first time they meet. That's the equivalent of Sailor Moon getting pissed off and kicking Tuxedo Mask across the room in the first chapter.

...oh yeah, in case you were wondering how the original Sailor Moon manga is different than the anime, I'll rattle it off for you:

- Tuxedo Mask has no powers (including rose-throwing), and actually helps Sailor Moon fight instead of being a Deus Ex Machina or completely and utterly useless (see: the Sailor Moon Super S movie, in which he gets his ass kicked in the first fifteen minutes and spends the rest of the movie lying a bed unconscious; by the way, this isn't even important to the plot).
- Princess Serenity (using the English dub names since that's what everyone's familiar with; her name in Japanese is Kaguya) kills herself in her past life because of Prince Darien's death...when he DIED PROTECTING HER IN THE FIRST PLACE. Lack of logic, much? Furthermore, her suicide inadvertently causes the fall of the Moon Kingdom, because her mother couldn't entirely focus the power of the Millennium Crystal due to her grief.
- At a later point in the manga, the cat Luna takes them all to the ruins of the Moon Kingdom on the moon, where there are remnants of their superpowerful technology left, including a hologram message left over from the Queen of the Moon Kingdom and a sword that Sailor Moon can use.
- The sub-villains of the first season were good guys in Serena's past life; they in fact were Prince Darien's underlings (?!?!?!!!).
- It turns out that the huge kingdom of Earth and the Moon Kingdom were at war with each other. Serenity was the princess of the Moon Kingdom, Darien of the Earth Kingdom.
- The past version of Beryl was not only in love with Prince Darien, but she killed him because she was jealous.
- The REAL villain is an entity that came from the SUN.
- Sailor Venus was a decoy Princess until Serena was able to become strong enough.
- All of the sub-villains get killed with one hit (including Jedite and Nephrite), always when the newly awakened Sailor Scout wields her powers for the first time. I'm not kidding, Nephrite dies because Sailor Jupiter struck him with a bolt of lightning, Jedite burns to death at the hands of a newly awakened Sailor Mars. Also, when they die, their bodies turn back into gems.
- Tuxedo Mask dies and is then re-animated by Queen Beryl as a bad guy. The latest point I got at in the manga is when Sailor Moon kills him by stabbing him in the chest with her sword. Since this is Sailor Moon, he's going to inevitably come back.
- Darien is in high school ("I'm a perfectly respectable high school student!", he says rather irritably after Serena asks him why the hell he's in a school uniform), not college.
- Tuxedo Mask's alliance is portrayed as extremely ambiguous, with Luna asking him repeatedly whose side he's on - the answer? He doesn't give a shit about anything except for the location of the Millennium Crystal so he can get his memories back - at least, initally.
- At several points, the baddies kill a whole bunch of ordinary people, but Sailor Moon is able to bring them back to life using the Millennium Crystal.
- Sailor Venus can communicate to Sailor Moon through her arcade game. This is also how Luna gives the Scouts their new gadgets: by rigging the game so that a certain score, obtainable only by a Sailor Scout playing it, gives them out as prizes. Also, Luna's secret high-tech base is under the arcade.
- Darien finds himself becoming Tuxedo Mask when he falls asleep, as if he was sleepwalking - also, his actions in this form are not going unnoticed by the local police.
- Queen Beryl was also reincarnated and re-awakened when her reborn human form, an archeologist, accidentally rediscovered the ruins of the Dark Kingdom (again, from the FUCKING SUN!!!!) in Antarctica.

Yeah, reading the original Sailor Moon manga that the first season was based off of was both fascinating and highly disturbing. What do you mean that silly Tuxedo Mask isn't useless or totally cheesy? WHADDYA MEAN MY CHILDHOOD HERO KILLED HERSELF IN HER PAST LIFE?! They might as well be different series, for crying out loud. From what I've read of the later manga, though, it appears that the later seasons of the anime (such as the Hotaru/Sailor Saturn arc) were much more faithful to their source material. [/tangent]

Ok, off to bed.

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