Saturday, September 19, 2009

More band.

Yesterday, we played at East Grand Forks High School (in East Grand Forks, Minnesota!) for a football game that, ironically, didn't involve EGFHS at all. Instead, it was the Sacred Heart Eagles vs the [something] Blue Devils. We ended up rooting for the Eagles since their 20-something band was playing with us. Literally, "Fight on Sioux" became "Fight on Eagles", and the portion of our fight song when we usually go "S-I-O-U-X! Go Sioux!" became "E-A-G-L-E-S! Go Eagles!". The poor high schoolers next to me were so intimidated until I told them that I was a newbie, too. I was actually playing the part of the "cool college band student"! Wow!

Unfortunately, it seems that the color combination of purple and gold is cursed, because the poor Eagles, whose uniforms were aforementioned color combination, got their asses handed to them on a silver platter (30-to-0 was the score when we were leaving after halftime). According to the clarinet player next to me, this is usual! Talk about deja vu.

We played pep band tunes during the first and second quarters, then did halftime, which was awesome, thank you very much (my legs hurt so badly now, though). After halftime, we left, which I was happy about since I was already tired and hungry (unfortunately, extended dinner at the dining halls only goes Sunday to Thursday). There was enough time between getting the cases off of the truck so we could put away our instruments and getting on the bus that I was actually able to get my case and hat box, put my clarinet away, and get completely out of uniform before getting on one of the buses.

Speaking of the bus ride back, after a big rig pulled up next to us and our members on the bus urged him to honk his horn, someone got the idea to shout in unison out the window anytime we passed someone on the sidewalk. One of those people happened to be outside of my dorm at the time; apparently, Sam actually heard us in our room! It was pretty damn hilarious every time we did it, I was practically rolling around in my seat in hysterics.

Then one of the drum majors gave me a ride back to the dorm, I took a shower, and promptly collapsed into my bed.

For once, I slept like a baby.


Christina LMT said...

Sounds like you had a blast! That's awesome. :)

Why "for once" you slept well? Have you been having problems sleeping?

memory_lucky12 said...


Silver the Evil Chao said...

Yeah, I've been having issues sleeping as of late. We don't have air-conditioning, so it tends to get hot in the room, even at night, with the window open and a fan on all day.