Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I have Windows 7!!!

So today, I sat down with some of my anime club buddies at a table during lunch. Over time, I mentioned that I couldn't install Windows 7 on my computer without wiping my stuff. One of the guys, a total computer geek, told me that I could back everything up using my extra space on my hard drive, via making a new one, or a "partition". After showing me where I could manage my disks (my laptop was with me), I went home and looked up online how to do this.

It worked. All my stuff was backed up. Then I went to band, came back, took my laptop with me to anime club, and installed Windows 7. It took a while, but it went well. I copied back the stuff from the partition, and nothing seems to be lost except for a few pesky .dll files that didn't copy over, rendering some programs, such as Avast and iTune, useless. Since I can re-obtain those programs online, all is well.

...well, except for the fact that the computer ended up backing up my stuff in a new folder called windows.old. Why the HELL did I go to all that trouble to section off a part of my hard drive to back my stuff up when the computer backed them up anyway?!

Just now, I merged the partition (called the "S" drive, for Silver) into the C drive again, thereby wiping it clean. Meh. At least I have a backup folder on my computer (renamed windows.old to "backup").

As for the operating system itself, I like it. It's much easier to connect wirelessly to the internet, the new design is sleek and less cluttered, and I've already noticed that it runs faster. I'm not a fan of the "Documents = Document Library" thing, though. Other than that, I like it.

Oh yeah, in anime club, a friend of mine lended me his PLATINUM EDITION Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD boxed set. EVANGELION. I finally get to watch it!!!

...I also pwned the anime club president in a Poke'mon battle.


Christina LMT said...

I'm glad everything worked out for you, Silver!

And I'm glad you're making such good friends.

Wai said...

Your friends are bad bad influences!