Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ok, I'm part of the MSDN Academic Alliance, simply because I'm in Computer Science. This has allowed me to obtain Windows 7 Professional for free. The problem was that the file I obtained for it was a .iso - basically, something that had to be burned to a disc first. Another problem - said file was 3 gigs. There isn't a disc I possess that can hold that much.

So I went to Amazon.com, ordered a 3-pack of Maxell 4.7 gig DVD-RWs, and waited.

I got them today. I created a restore point on my computer (on BOTH of this thing's drives), then burned the .iso to the disc, everything was rosy.

And then I tried to install Windows 7. It wouldn't let me. Some sort of stupid thing about how I can't "upgrade" my Windows Vista Home Edition Premium to Windows 7 Professional, and instead, I'd have to wipe everything off of my computer and THEN install it. Ok, I said, I can back everything up.


I found out, while trying to copy my documents over to a 4.7 gig DVD-RW, that my video folder ALONE was 14 gigs. And, of course, I have nothing that can hold that much, nor do I have enough DVDs to spread them out and THEN back up the rest of the shit on my computer.

So now I can't install Windows 7, and I bought a few DVD-RWs for nothing. Thanks a lot, Microsoft.

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Christina LMT said...

Awwwww...welcome to grown-up life, Silver. It does suck sometimes. You'll figure everything out, don't worry...and you know you have FREE computer support on campus, it's okay to ask for help when you need it, hon!