Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm sure Mom has already filled you in on some of the details regarding the events of yesterday, but I'm going to bore you with more of the details anyway.

So the night before yesterday, I had already resolved to stay up all night instead of sleeping one measly hour and being a wreck, so I decided to play (and attempt to get to the end of) Persona 3 before we leave; when I started the game again three or four weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to beat it before I leave. I wanted to beat it that night, if not, keep playing until 2:00 and then start getting ready for our departure at 3:30.

Well, not only did I not beat the game, not only did I just get to the last month of the game (the last part of the game) instead of getting to the last day of that in-game month (when the final boss fight takes place), but I soon learned that we were supposed to leave at 3:00 instead of 3:30. So I had to take my shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, AND pack in an hour. I ended up not eating breakfast at all, and packing turned out to be less organized than it happened in my head. For one, we were in a hurry, which basically ensured that we weren't going to be as efficient or cooperative as we were supposed to. Two, I had a lot of stuff.

Ok, on the subject of my stuff. I needed to bring all my clothing. I wanted to bring all of my consoles, my games (all put into a DVD holder), and all wires and accessories associated with said consoles. I also wanted to bring my Poke'mon card album and all of my extras. Said album is a 4-inch binder with at least 1000 unique cards in it, and each stack of extras (grouped by color/type) holds around a few hundred per stack, the exception being the Metal/Dark stack that had only about 50 or so cards. I thought I wouldn't have any problems fitting everything, since we had four large containers and I was the queen of packing lots of shit in one place (my school backpack being a prime example of this).

Well, I did have problems, in part because I didn't know I had so much clothing and in part because I didn't take into account mom's pillow. This resulted in mom and I squabbling a lot, because we were trying to pack virtually everything I owned in the space of half an hour. In the end, I had to leave all of my extras behind, save for my Fire, Psychic, and Training extras, which I took with me, but succeeded in packing practically everything else, resulting in four really full suitcases. I also didn't take into account how heavy these suckers would be; as I'm typing this, my left bicep is crying in agony and my right one's a bit grumpy.

After we left 40 minutes late, we got to the airport, parked in Economy parking (after being confused and a little nervous, because the signs preceding the airport and leading to the different parking areas suck and make little to no sense), and rode the shuttle there, we had to check our stuff in. With how heavy the bag with my clothes in it was, we were kindly informed by the lady checking our stuff in that if we removed five pounds from it, she wouldn't have to charge us an extra $50 because of its weight. So we did.

While this was happening, an old man was also checking in at the register next to us; said registers shared entrances for luggage. Right before he put his luggage through, Mom picked up our second piece of luggage to put it on the scale and hit her knee on it. This resulted in Mom bringing out a very angry-sounding string of cuss words in German. Though they weren't necessarily directed at him, the look on his face was that of sheer terror (Mom is pretty big and burly, after all. Have you seen her broad shoulders?). Mom apologized, of course, but after we left to go to the second floor, I still found it both amusing and kinda wrong that she scared the guy like that. Plus, I hadn't heard her cuss in German in a while, and she used some words I had never heard before (I've heard the German versions of "shit" and "asshole", and can pronounce them to boot; for the record, I can call someone a "bastard" in Japanese).

Security was hectic because of all of our stuff, even with two of our four bags being checked as luggage. After going through the whole thing, which included having to take off my shoes, declare my fluid-based allergy serum (which has to be kept cold, hence why it came with us instead of being in luggage), take out my laptop and put it in a separate bin, empty my pockets (while I'm wearing cargo pants with four very full pockets), take off my D20 necklace, and put our carry-ons onto the conveyor belt (while I was fervently praying that my video game consoles wouldn't raise alarm), I was reminded of a PA message I heard in Ratchet and Clank 3: "Welcome to Zeldrin Starport. Due to increased security, thermonuclear warheads and nail-clippers will no longer be permitted as carry-on baggage."

The plane flight was pretty cool, though. Upon takeoff, we could literally see our house and my high school from the plane. Plus a rival high-school of ours. The flight was shorter than expected: 2 hours and 22 minutes as opposed to 3 hours. It still felt like forever, though. And WTF you charge for blankets?!

When we landed, it was raining. YAY! While Mom doesn't like rain, I do (why did I live in Las Vegas, again?). After going to hotel to find out that our room wasn't ready yet, we ate at the local McDonald's (sooo much nicer than the one we usually go to in Las Vegas). And then we drove around town. I pointed out many of the sights to Mom, since I was previously here in late June, and mentally noted to myself over and over again about how green everything is. While we do have trees in Vegas, all the green there is "fake" - it's light, almost fleeting, certainly not the lush, rich green of Grand Forks. While we were going down one of the main streets, we passed a baseball field that had actual GRASS on it.

After getting to our hotel room (and finding that my extras, which were tightly wrapped in thick rubber bands, had gotten everywhere in the pocket I stored them in) and getting a call from my roommate, we finally got to meet face-to-face. While talking for a while in the parking lot, I noticed that we were wearing the same kinds of clothing: tighter, girlish T-shirts with cargo pants (in my case, cargo shorts). We even talk the same way. Jane (as my mom calls her) and her dad were even nice enough to show us to the local Target and help out with our shopping. And after that, they were so nice that they let us eat with them and their relatives at the local (and awesome) Chinese buffet/Mongolian BBQ. We got along well with them, and I felt honored that, as someone who she had never met before, I got to eat with her and her family.

At the Target, I also got a booster pack (the Platinum: Rising Rivals series, they actually didn't have anything older than that) among my dorm items, which I promptly opened after getting back from the hotel room. I got an Elite Four's Flareon and a Glaceon that I really wanna put in my deck. And then I promptly collapsed in the bed after organizing the album, because I didn't have any sleep for at least 24 hours before.

Yeah, I think I bored you long enough.

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