Friday, August 21, 2009

Silver's on TV!: Band Camp, Final Day

Well, I found out via my roommate, Jane, who has moved in, that I was actually on TV last night. Remember my brief mention of a cameraman last post? You can see me at 00:47, I'm all the way to the right, close by, in the blue shirt. You can see my red folder on the stand, behind the music.

I know all of the people interviewed; Peter, who hails from North Carolina, was one of the people I ate lunch with today, for instance.

Onto today, which has been a bit more interesting than yesterday. We now have the entire show on the field. Granted, it's only 28 pages (my show last year was around 60), but we stay in one formation during the second song because the dance team and/or colorguard are featured. Apparently, this is the first time the band has been able to get the entire show on the field, marching and playing, in band camp in recent years. Why is it that bands start improving when I join them...?

At lunch, one of my marching band friends, a clarinet player I'll call "Gun Chick" (because she has lots of weapons at home, guns included, and likes to talk about them with other band members, who also have guns), told me that the Wilkerson Dining Hall was and has been open. This was news to me, and caused a lot of mental face-palming, because I've been paying around $6 for lunch every day (Memorial Union's dining hall is not open yet); I have the Unlimited Meal Plan, which means that at the three dining halls on campus (all with different food; Squires has an on-demand grill, for instance), I can eat for free, as often as I want. I found this ask while talking about how crowded it was going to be lunch.

A little explaining about that last sentence. Y'see, now it's Welcome Weekend, where the majority of people move in. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of people are here, especially parents. This causes a lot of problems: for one, said parents are completely inexperienced; why, when I was walking to the band room today so I could get a ride to the field, some moron in a Jeep ended up turning onto a one-way street despite the BLATANTLY OBVIOUS "DO NOT ENTER" SIGNS. For two, there's simply not enough room for the all of the cars; this has resulted in cars being parked all up and down the sides of University Avenue, the main road of the campus. For three, it dramatically increases the population of the previously-half-empty campus, which results in places like the Marketplace (where there are restaurants) being extremely crowded. Wilkerson wasn't crowded, because it's so goddamn huge (the second floor is dedicated entirely to seating).

Lunch was awesome: I had a hamburger, some beef ravioli, two bowls of clam chowder (my favorite soup), and a salad that filled up the entire plate. I basically ate as much as the three other people sitting at the table combined. Of course, this meant that I was full come dinner break two hours later (we got to get out early because we put the whole show on the field).

After dinner break (in which I went back to the dorm and hooked up the consoles to the TV that Jane brought; I can play games from my bed!!!), we had to go to the Chester Fritz Auditorium for rehearsal for the Welcome Weekend performance tomorrow. This Chester Fritz guy must've done something really good, because the library on campus is also named after him.

A word about the auditorium itself. The damn thing is HUGE. It has three floors of seating and its own orchestra pit. If I recall correctly, Artemus Ham Hall at UNLV only had two tiers of seating, and I know that it didn't have an orchestra pit. According to Gun Chick, it can seat a large number of people that I can't remember because I suck at remembering numbers. Seriously, the place is freaking HUGE.

The rehearsal's content was pretty boring - we play at the beginning and the end: Fight song twice, followed by The Pretender, followed by Gimme Some Loving, which has visuals following the drums, including one a bit similar to the one for "Boom Boom" back in Vegas (Mom knows what I'm talking about), except that we're playing while we're doing this.

The rehearsal itself wasn't too bad. While we were behind the curtains, waiting for our cue while some important chick talked up front, some funny things were happening.

Important Chick: (about Freshman in the audience) "'re probably nervous, and that's normal--"
Trumpet Player in the band: (whispering) "Yeah, that's what she said."

Cue gigglesnorts. When the techno music came on for the video that I guess they play every year, people, especially the trumpets, started dancing to it in a completely hilarious fashion.

After we played, we got to sit in the green room for twenty minutes or so. The cool thing about Chester Fritz: all that important stuff, like the green room and stuff, is underground, underneath the auditorium itself. So, instead of having to go outside and walk a while to get to the green room like at UNLV (where I've played at for the past four years for the concert band festival), we just got to go down some stairs and walk for a little bit. Their green room was the nicest green room I've ever been in; it even had air conditioning! We basically just chilled; since I had my purse with me, I took out my Nintendo DS and started playing Poke'mon Platinum (Ninetails is Lv.30 at the moment). There are speakers in the green room where you can hear what's going on on stage. I guess one of the acts, the fire-dancing, is the same every year, since once the music came on, one of the band members started dancing to it, twirling imaginary flaming batons. It was a riot!

After that, I came back to the dorm to find Jane gone, but she left me a note saying that she left to explore and that she'll be eating dinner with her dad and her uncle. No biggie. And now I'm typing this, after ordering a pair of Arisato-esque (it's "esque" because they're not the actual model his headphones were based off of; importing them is upwards of $120) headphones (my old ones are starting to fall apart) on and finding the video of the news about us online and subsequently freaking out.

And I'll leave you with another video, one that Mom HASN'T seen.

...of course, one of the Dan Greens is LittleKuriboh's parody of Dan Green from Yu-gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. And the GaoGaiGar references? He voices the main guy in the English dub.


Christina LMT said...

Sounds like you're having fun, m'dear!

That's a good thing...:D

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