Friday, August 28, 2009

Silver is Falling Behind. Again.

Yep, another post about the day before. Written as if I wrote it yesterday, because it's easier.

Today, I only had Pre-calc, since University Band wasn't meeting today due to auditions. This resulted in me spending a lot of time doing nothing.

I played Okami for a few hours, got to Agata Forest.

And then Jane's uncle called, saying that he was going to pick us up. After I played for a little while longer, he texted Jane saying that he was downstairs.

Thankfully, Jane's uncle's visit meant that I could go to the local Wal-Mart, at least an hour away walking. I was able to get new shoes, a carton of soymilk, a box of cereal, and a new can of spray-on sunblock. Oh, and a Poke'mon booster pack, of course.

And then in a complete act of generosity and awesomeness, Jane's uncle took us to Sam's Club and proceeded to tell me that I could get whatever I want and not to worry about anything (of course, this is after I payed $39 for my stuff earlier, but that's beside the point, haha). I got two more boxes of cereal, eight new heads for my electric toothbrush, two huge bottles of Listerine, and three cartons of soymilk, all while thanking him like crazy (everything is sold in bulk over there). I have enough stuff to last me until at least December, methinks, which is when I flying back to Vegas anyway (I even have doctor and dentist appointments scheduled during that month!).

And then after THAT, he took us out to eat. Yet again, much thanking ensued.

We got back at 9, had to make room in Jane's fridge for my four new cartons of soymilk (bringing to the total up to FIVE), and then I got to open my new booster pack. Platinum Supreme Victors series, the newest one out, got a holographic Claydol card.

And that was all. Here's your required Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series episode:


Christina LMT said...

Yikes, Silver!

That's extremely generous, but makes me slightly uncomfortable, to say the least!

I hope you had fun, though...sounds like you did! :D

memory_lucky12 said...

That sounds AWESOME!!!!

memory_lucky12 said...

Oh btw, hope I can see you in December. My school starts this Monday...