Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Rather Uneventful Weekend

Saturday - did nothing, except playing Okami. I'm in Sasa Sanctuary right now (Mom knows what that means!).

Sunday - did nothing until I had to go to a sectional. Well, except for work on this image, which I finally finished late tonight (it's also cut off because of this damn blog's layout, which I SWEAR I'll start working on soon):

A Poke'mon profile, somewhat modeled after the Persona profiles in Persona 3.

Somewhat close, no? >.>;;(and yes, that is Messiah) Those goddamn boxes and stuff...GAAAAH. That took me soooo long! ;_;

I want to make more of them for my other Poke'mon sometime. It shouldn't take me nearly as long as the original (SEVEN HOURS TOTAL!!!!), which I can now just edit to make the new ones, instead of starting from scratch.

1 comment:

Christina LMT said...

Speaking of your blog layout...when are you finally going to correctly alphabetize your blogroll?!

No pressure, or anything...;)