Saturday, August 22, 2009

Performance and Insanity

I was supposed to post this the day before yesterday, but I was too tired.

Today we performed the performance that we were rehearsing yesterday.

Before the whole thing, I walked to the band room in my Pride shirt (a black polo shirt that was Large size because there weren't any smaller sizes; fine by me), my black jeans, and my normal shoes with my black boots in my bag (my only other pair of shoes). Unfortunately, it's impossible to march in those black boots - I can step in time, but not march in time. This posed a problem, as yesterday, we marched over there in parade formation, which meant that we'd probably do it today.

The assistant director got me a pair of marching band shoes that fit PERFECTLY, which solved my problem of having to order shoes. Aaaand then I found out that were were "moseying" over there instead of "marching" over there. Sheesh!

Everything else before our performance was the same...except more hilarious. I guess they play the same message every year, because while it was going on and on about how the University was the place to "engage your mind", one of the senior trumpet players started making slow, exaggerated hand gestures in time with the words like he was doing interpretive dancing. To make it even more amusing, one of the other trumpet players opened his phone and held it underneath the other guy's face, illuminating it in the gloom behind the curtains. I had to stifle my laughter, because we were ON STAGE, just behind the curtains without any lights. And then the techno music for the video came on, and all of the guys in the back started dancing like crazy.

After our performance (in which the stupid trumpets screwed up the end for The Pretender), we got to go to the green room and sit there for a while. I played on my DS while a bunch of the band members got in circles and played games that I wasn't too interested in. After a while, we had to come back up to play at the end of the first show. It also seemed that they were using the same music that they did for at least the day before, because members of the male choir and one of our drum majors started "air-timpani-ing" to the dramatic timpanis in the music (of course, we were still behind the curtains on the stage).

We had an hour between the end of this performance and the beginning of the next one, so I basically sat in the green room, playing my game. Everything went as planned, and this time I went to sit in the audience so I can see the fire-dancer two performances before our last one.

Yeah, fire-dancer. This student with an Aviation major twirls flaming shit around on stage. It was freaking insane.

After our last performance, I had about an hour before the start of the annual Pride BBQ. So I went home and changed, then came back.

At the BBQ, a few things happened. One, there was this cute, adorable little toad the size of my thumb that everyone kept taking pictures of. Later, one of the section leaders took said frog back to the nearby stream that bisects the campus. Two, I surprised myself with how little I ate - only a hamburger, a hot dog, and some chips, a far cry from what I was expecting: two each. I think it's because my ribs (or, rather, the muscles between the ribs) hurt from all of the playing, and it's putting me off my appetite because it's convincing me that I'm having stomach cramps.

After the BBQ, we had the annual Pride games, in which the sections would compete against each other. I came back from the bathroom (too many bottles of water consumed) in the middle of the first one, in which it appeared that the objective was to get from one side of the area to another while holding an egg in a spoon. The second one was something involving the untangling of arms. And then the last two were absolutely insane. The first of the insane ones was the "pie" eating contest, in which said "pies" really consisted of pudding topped with whipped cream. And it couldn't be eaten with your hands. Let's just say that it was messy. The last one was the water-balloon toss, which of course resulted in everyone taking the extra water balloons and throwing them at each other when the game was over. That was my cue to leave, pretty much (since I of course had my DS and other electronics with me), coupled with the fact that Jane called me asking if I wanted to meet her at the Wellness Center. Also, the drumline won. At least it wasn't the stupid trumpets.

So I went straight from the BBQ to the Wellness Center. It was a bit of a long haul since I only really knew where it generally was - it was near The Ralph, a short name for our huge-ass hockey arena, which was only about a block away from my dorm, which was a bit far away from where I was at the moment, the Hughes Fine Arts Center (referred to simply as "The Hughes").

About the Wellness Center. It is a two-story monster of a fitness area, with an indoor track, multiple areas with hi-tech workout equipment, indoor basketball and volleyball courts, a rock wall, and a room dedicated to dodgeball. Plus, it had multiple rooms dedicated to things like ballroom dancing lessons, board games, Wii tournaments, the Culinary Corner...the place is huge. Every night, like tonight, there's a thing that goes on there called Nightlife, in which there are things like movie showings (next week's is Up, the week after that is Terminator), the aforementioned Wii tournament, and just general funness.

The entry is free, but requires a scanning of your U-Card to make sure that you're actually a member of UND. After calling her to figure out where she was, I found her by the punching bags. After a bit of encouragement from me, she proceeded to show up the other guys hitting them (she knows martial arts!!). And then I went to the second floor to play dodgeball. I didn't do too badly, I was the last one of my team standing, but my forte is dodging and not throwing, which eventually led to my demise. I got congratulated by one of the team members for being the last one standing. After that, I found one of the computers and went online quickly to find an answer to a question I had regarding the game I was playing on my DS ("Do you get Battle Points for getting 7 consecutive wins in the Wi-Fi Battle Tower?"), where Jane quickly found me, holding a bag of her own trail mix. Apparently, the Culinary Corner's schtick this week was making your own trail mix. Since said room was five feet away, I did. Peanut M&Ms, peanuts, pretzels, and raisins. There was no way in hell I was putting almonds in.

Afterwards, while we were chilling in the nearby lounge (where the computers were) with our trail mix, three girls asked us to play this game called "catchphrase" with them, since they needed more people with teams. Here's how it goes: the little thing you have has a word on it. You try to describe that word and get your team to figure out what said word is without actually using it. Once they do, you pass it to the person next to you, who is on the other team. Meanwhile, a timer is going; once it goes off, the opponent team of whoever's holding the thing gets a point. We really weren't keeping score though, and by the end, we had decided to forgo the timer, too, since we were having too much fun guessing and describing the words. I have to say that it was one of the few times I've ever enjoyed playing games with other people, even people that I don't know to begin with.

Since it was about ten or so, Jane and I decided to walk back. Along the way, Jane was going into detail on all of the martial arts techniques she knows, which was pretty cool. She can so kick my ass in five seconds.

And then we got back and went to sleep. All in all, it was a very hectic and eventful day.

Here's another video. It's "Airmain ga taosenai", simply translated as "Airman will not die" (though that can't be a literal translation since "die" would be "shinimasu", with the simple-negative being "shinanai", IIRC). It's a song about how this one guy can't beat this really hard boss in Megaman 2. Also, it's in Japanese. With English subtitles.

...anyone who has played video games knows what it's like to feel that hopeless against an insanely hard boss. (YES, I'M LOOKING AT YOU, YUNALESCA IN FINAL FANTASY X!!!)

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Christina LMT said...

Wow. Talk about a busy day! But as long as it was a FUN day, too, it's all good. :)