Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More preparations

Well, the events of yesterday consisted pretty much of busywork - basically, shopping for stuff we couldn't find at Target the day before or things we forgot to get. After waking up on our own and procrastinating a great deal, we finally left our hotel room to take care of some on-campus things, such as delivering my serum to the medical center where I get my shots and giving the pharmacy my prescriptions.

That didn't take very long, and afterwards, we headed to the local thrift store to get some clothes. Thrift stores I love for clothes shopping, because for some reason, I always find things I want there. Unfortunately, they weren't selling winter clothing yet, which was the main reason we went there in the first place. On the other hand, we got a bunch of sweatshirts, sweaters, and a kick-ass jacket. After about ten or fifteen minutes, we left with two bags or so of awesome clothing.

After that, we headed to the local Wal-Mart. One of the first things Mom and I noted mentally about the place was that, unlike Las Vegas, the parking lot had actual trees in it instead of saplings. The store itself was pretty familiar despite being in a new location, which was a bit comforting for me because everywhere we had gone to so far didn't seem at all similar to their counterparts in Vegas (we never went to Target in Vegas...). The major difference was that the Wal-Mart here in Grand Forks had an entire section dedicated solely to UND merchandise - clothing and the like. Maybe it's because this is probably the only Wal-Mart here, but in Las Vegas, no Wal-Marts have entire sections dedicated to UNLV merchandise.

When Mom picked up her protein bars here, they were actually cheaper than at the Wal-Marts in Las Vegas. Since the gas here was also cheaper than in Vegas (by about 20 cents to boot), I wondered aloud whether Las Vegas had some sort of conspiracy going to overcharge for everything because it's in LAS VEGAS.

After getting a booster pack, we went on a little mini-odyssey to find new pages for my card album (the night before, I found that my Glaceon ensured that I wouldn't have enough spaces left in my Water/Blue section for all of my cards, and I had no extra pages). After not finding them, the guy helping us out told us about a hobby store near the Colombia Mall, which was thankfully close by. The locally-owned place was plastered from ceiling to floor in all kinds of stuff - there were collector's edition Brett Favre figures (in his Packers gear), hundreds of booster packs for baseball cards, and, FINALLY, the pages I needed for my album, being sold at 5 for a dollar (that can hold 90 cards). We picked up 15, paid, and left for our pharmacy, which now had my prescriptions ready for pickup. After that, we headed back to the hotel room where I opened my booster pack (of the Legends Awakened series; I like to pick up the older series first before they're phased out). A nifty mention was this kickass holographic Jirachi with an awesome instant-kill move (important in a game where you have to KO 6 of your opponent's Poke'mon to win) and a move that allows me to search my deck for any one card. To make it even more awesome, instead of having a x2 weakness like the majority of Legendary Poke'mon that I have, it has a +20 weakness instead!

A while later, Mom and I left our room again to eat dinner at the local Applebee's. In between conversations between the two of us, she kept getting texts and replying to them; I responded to this by kicking the asses of the A.I. characters in Poke'mon on my Nintendo DS. The food made Mom ill, though it happened far too quickly to be food poisoning. I just overstuffed myself, but other than that had no problems. The overly chocolatey Dessert Shooter (the one with the Oreo in it) is still awesome, by the way.

After we came home again, packed my stuff for my move tomorrow, and did some general futzing around on the computer, Mom popped in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure on her comp; she had wanted me to see it for a while, but we never got a chance to watch it in Vegas with all of the insanity going on. It was funny, but I liked the Wayne's World movie, so of course I found it funny. I was also surprised by the fact that I just watched a movie in which Keanu Reeves can actually act.

And then we went to sleep. At midnight. When I had to get up at 6:30.

For the record, I finally got Takoyaki to Lv.50, so now I'm training Ninetails (named after the nine-tailed fox boss in the Japanese mythology-based Okami) the Ninetales.


salamandertales said...

Added you to my blogroll. :)

cybrus said...

You just saw Bill and Ted's now?


Christina LMT said...

Sal, you rock.
Cybrus, now she just has to watch Bogus Journey, but she's on her own with that one!

Silver the Evil Chao said...

Sal, thanks! That's very nice of you. ^.^;;

Yes, I saw Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. I liked it a lot. xD It's pretty much the only movie Keanu Reeves acted well in.