Friday, August 28, 2009

I Like College.

I'm actually looking forward to my classes and ENJOYING them.

Computer Science today, for instance. In class, with my laptop, as the teacher is talking, I downloaded the Python program, which included the system shell, which I can use to practice. Which I did once I learned one of the very basic commands for the program. As someone who learned HTML and, especially, CSS by fiddling around with coding to see what I can do, the fact that I can bring my laptop to class and learn this way makes it much easier and comprehensive for me.

Python is a programming thing-a-ma-jig similar to Java, which the school was teaching last year. Apparently, Python is used to run Google.

I'm finding myself really looking forward to Computer Science. I can't wait to see what I can do with it!

Also of note was the Inquiry in the Humanities class today, in which we basically discussed whether everything was real and if humans really know anything. It was one of those discussions that made my brain feel like it was going to give me a runtime error. Y'know, one of those ones where the program says "I can't do this", and possibly crashes it.

I found that my asthma is here to stay, unfortunately. I got out half an hour late from band; I wanted to see Up with Jane in the Memorial Union hall at 9, but got out at 8:30, completely covered in sweat and needing a shower. As a result, I sprinted all the way back to the dorm (five minutes away), and as of typing this, I still haven't fully recovered. I'm still coughing and I feel a bit wheezy, too. Plus, my body is crashing because of the adrenaline and it's making me realllly tired.

Jane liked Up, BTW. I'll see if we can catch the viewing of Star Trek tomorrow.

Also, not to brag, but...


Christina LMT said...

Awwww, sorry about the asthma, Silver! :(

So glad you're having fun and enjoying school, though.
That was my hope.

memory_lucky12 said...

Dude Star Trek was SO AWESOME!!! Kirk and Spock were so HOT! And everything else was amazing too...

Christina LMT said...

Chaos, I LOVE the new Star Trek movie. It was action-packed, entertaining, and funny.