Monday, August 31, 2009

Holy Crap!

I realized how much more buff my calves were after I bent over to scratch one of them and found that the distance was noticeably shorter than usual.

Marching band - THE way to get great legs!

My new headphones came in. When I put them on and listened to a song I just listened to with my previous headphones, a huge smile started spreading on my face and ended in a huge-ass grin; the sound is easily superior to my (still working, but starting to fall apart) previous pair. But one of the main reasons why I chose those specific headphones (of only two of which were left online at the time!) was because their overall design is similar to that of Arisato's from Persona 3. The cord even loops around behind my neck (though on the opposite side than Arisato's), allowing me to hang the headphones around my neck like he does.

Yes, I'm a geek. But if I was really a geek, I would've imported the actual, exact model his headphones were based off of (Audio Technica EM-700) for $125.

I made the rest of the Poke'mon profiles for those who are at Lv.50 and/or fully evolved. So there's Ninetails (named after one of the bosses in Okami, a golden nine-tailed fox demon), Sentinel (named for a trait of this Poke'mon species, who serves as a sort of guardian for its Trainer), Samus Aran (named after the main heroine of Metroid), Leventhan (named after the dragon in Odin Sphere), Colossus (named for the massive power this Poke'mon species is said to wield, and after the Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus), Aeon (named after the creatures Yuna can summon in Final Fantasy X), Kagegami (name is Japanese for "Shadow God"), Takoyaki (name is Japanese for "Fried Octopus"; literal translation would be "Octopus Fried"), and Enigma (named as such because of the mystery surrounding this Poke'mon species in the series).

I have a whole bunch more, but they're not ready to be made into Persona 3-esque profiles yet. It took me soooo long to do these, and then error-check them, which took even MORE time. By the end of the whole thing, every last image, which is based off of the first one I made, Ninetails, had around 75 layers. That makes these the most elaborate images I've ever made in my entire freaking life.

Tomorrow, I have only Pre-calc and University Band. So I'll probably play some more Okami, maybe do some more image-making and coding for this blog's layout...

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Christina LMT said...

How do you even have enough time to do stuff like this?! Holy crap, indeed!

Hope you have a good Tuesday!

Oh, how was computer lab?