Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

(was supposed to be posted yesterday. LOL.)

...ok, it wasn't really the first day of the school, since classes don't start until four in the afternoon. And since I got an e-mail from my Computer Science teacher saying that we won't be having the lab class today (plus "see you on Wednesday!"), I basically only had Marching Band. What else was new?

At least Marching Band was only an hour and a half. As someone who has had 3-hour rehearsals twice a week late after school for band for the past four years, three hour-and-a-half rehearsals a week are nothing. Plus the fact that it's NOT 100 degrees outside. Rehearsal this time around was pretty slow because there was new people who needed to be set in the formations (THIS IS WHY YOU COME TO BAND CAMP!).

There was also a meeting at the Hall today for all of the residents. There's literally only about twenty people in this dorm. We had to say our names, say where we came from, and tell two truths and a lie about ourselves, of which the other girls would try to guess what was true and what wasn't. My lie? That my second language was Spanish (it's not, it's Japanese, if you don't count what little German I know).

Afterwards, I played and FINALLY beat Persona 3 on my God Mode file (start at Lv.90, Thanatos/Messiah run). The final boss was a piece of cake. It totally helps, of course, that I have the best Persona in the game, Messiah, which happens to have 99 in each stat, and that myself and all of my party members (ALL of them, even the ones who weren't in my team during the final boss fight) were Lv.99, which has the added bonus of making all of your Hit Points and Spirit Points 999. Add to that the fact that my Messiah happens to know "Enduring Soul" (when killed, I get revived with full HP automatically, happens only once during battle), and I was pretty much invincible. Oh, and the ending totally made me cry. Again. For the third time. It never fails. CURSE YOU AND YOUR STORYTELLING SKILLS, ATLUS.

And now, I'm going to start posting the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series episodes. Because I can.

Episode 1 - Pilot. You have your choice of the original...

...or the re-dub, which was done recently.

...or you could just watch both. Though the re-dub is better, I admit that the original has some sort of charm to it, plus it makes more sense when I post Episode 2 for tomorrow's post.

Also, I'm working on the graphics for the new layout of this blog, just in case you were wondering.


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You tell 'em, Silver!

Don't miss band camp, you morons!

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